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A Reef Restoration Foundation diver carefully cuts a piece of coral for replanting in a nursery. This will allow it to grow and then be returned to oceans once it has been further developed. Image by Panerai Luminor Base Replica.

Plastic everywhere

The Oceans Project offers funding and public relations support to non-profits that are working to find 21st century answers to the legacy problem of marine plastic waste from the 20th century, a problem which persists to this day. Estimated 22 tons of plastic waste are dumped in the oceans every day. Pacific Garbage Screening's (PGS) founder Marcella Hansch came up with a design that is unconventional. She used an architectural platform to sieve plastic waste,Panerai Luminor Base Replica including microplastics, without harming marine life.

Studer says, "We have been supporting projects for many years that have brought concrete change to a specific cause. We went for a more general approach with the Oceans Project. It is an important message to show that PET recycled from trash can be used in luxury items. The product can have a beautiful second life. It will be beneficial to certain species, such as blue whales, to not have plastic in the oceans. "Everything is connected."

Marine pollution in today's world is a real and ugly sight. Plastic enters the oceans at a rate of 700 tons per hour via rivers, ships and dumping. Plastic can remain in the oceans over 100 years, and it enters the food cycle. Caroline Power Image

The project will not only recover and reuse the plastic that is found in the oceans but also tackle the problem of marine dumping. Hansch says, "we are aware that 80 percent of plastics entering the oceans come from 10 rivers around the world." She plans to turn the prototype into an effective solution for rivers and estuaries.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica She added, "[Panerai Luminor Base Replica] and I got in touch via the International Oceans Film Tour to discuss a partnership to raise awareness about the importance of clean waters... We're currently working on a plastic pollution campaign."